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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of KFH trade?

  • Online trading access to the stock markets of Kuwait and the GCC through a single screen.
  • All stocks are compliant with Islamic share 'a.
  • Collection of bonus shares & cash dividends on behalf of the client and deposit them in their KFHtrade account.
  • Ease of fund transfer between your KFHtrade account & Bank account through KFHonline, KNET & KFH branches.
  • Informing clients about upcoming AGM’s and preparing the proxies upon request.
  • Offline trading through our dedicated team via the KFHtrade center 1842000.

What are the trading diwaniyas?

It is a Trading floor, furnished with the latest equipment that display news and live prices. We also provide comprehensive services by KFH trade staff including entering orders and answering inquiries as well as free internet service.
(Available in Kefan branch – men’s section)

What are the financial markets covered by the KFHtrade?

Currently, the service provides the Kuwait Stock Exchange, Saudi Market, Dubai & Abu Dhabi and Qatar. And soon will provide the remaining GCC, Arab and international markets.

How can I trade?

  • Online: Client can place orders online either through (
  • Telephone: KFHtrade team is available to serve you in placing, modifying & cancelling orders in addition to updating you about the markets.
  • By KFHtrade iPhone and Android apps.


How to open a KFHtrade account?

KFHtrade applications are available in:

  1. KFH branches.
  2. KFH Capital Investment Company (KFHC), Baitak Tower, 32nd floor.
  3., online registration.
  4. Documents needed: civil ID - Passport for the non-Kuwaiti.

What are the types of KFHtrade accounts?

  • Individual account: For adults (+21)
  • Corporate account: For companies and institutions.

How can I transfer funds to my KFHtrade account?

After opening the account, the client receives the trading account number through:

  • Registered E-mail
  • SMS to the registered mobile number.

The client can transfer through KFHonline, KNET & KFH branches.
Below are the bank account details for transferring through a KFH branch:

  • Account No. : 011010581244
  • Bank: Kuwait Finance House
  • Branch : Head office
  • Notice : (please mention the client's trading account).

What is the minimum cash required to open an account?

The minimum amount to open a KFHtrade account is KD 2,500 or equivalent.

What stocks are allowed for trading through the service?

Islamic compatible securities.

What are the trading commissions?

The commissions are as follows:

Kuwait Stock Exchange
a) KD 1.250 for each KD 1,000 up to KD 50,000

b) KD 1.000 for each KD 1,000 for more than KD 50,000 transaction.

c) 0.500 fills for each executed trade more than KD 50.
d) Minimum commission is KD 2


Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) 
a) 0.155% X transaction amount.
b) SAR 20 for each executed order.

Dubai (DFM) / Abu Dhabi (ADX)
a) 0.275% X transaction amount.
b) Minimum commission is AED 65
c) Additional ticket charges are AED 25 per order.


Qatar (DSM)

a) 0.325% X transaction amount.

b) Minimum commission is QAR 50


* Please see the index of the fees and commissions in the download forms.

How can I deposit share certificates into my KFHtrade account?

  • Filling out the “Deposit shares forms”.
  • Original share certificates must be attached.
  • KSE & KCC terms & conditions must be applied.

How can I withdraw money from my KFHtrade account?

  • By calling our Trading Room 1842000.
  • Online through KFHtrade account:

- KFHtrade Platform:

  • Click “Cash Transfer Out”.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Click “Confirm” to submit the withdrawal request.

- KFHtrade Pro:

  • Click on “Cash” in the top menu.
  • Select “Cash Withdrawal”.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Click “Confirm” to submit the withdrawal request.

How can I place a Buy order?

- KFHtrade Platform:

  • Add the security to the watch list.
  • Click “Buy / Sell” tab.
  • Enter order details in the middle part of the screen.
  • Click “Confirm” to send it to the exchange.

- KFHtrade Pro:

  • Right click on the security.
  • Select “Order Entry”.
  • Enter order details.
  • Click “Place Order” to send it to the exchange.

How can I place a Sell order?

- KFHtrade Platform:

  • Click “Buy / Sell” tab in the third part of the screen “portfolio”.
  • Enter order details in the middle part of the screen.
  • Click “Confirm” to send it to the exchange.

- KFHtrade Pro:

  • Click on “Trading tab”.
  • Select the transaction type “Sell”.
  • Enter order details.
  • Click “Place Order” to send it to the exchange.

How can I reset my KFHtrade password?

The client can reset the KFHtrade password either by calling our Client Relations team at 1842000 or online through (Soon).

What is the minimum requirement to run "direct" software?

  • Internet explorer V 6.0 & higher
  • Firefox V 3.6 & higher.
  • Java 1.6.26 & higher.
  • Must have at least 100MB of Ram free to use the applet.

What is the process of dividend distribution and capital increase?

Dividends: We collect the cash dividends & Bonus shares on behalf of the client and deposit them in his trading account .The client can check all corporate actions in the activity report & transactions report.
Capital increase: We inform the client about the terms of the capital increase and subscribe or decline on his behalf as per the client’s instructions

What are the settlements rules?

  • Kuwait stock exchange (Sunday & Tuesday)
  • TADAWUL (T+0)
  • UAE (T+3)
  • QATAR(T+4)


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