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Request to Deposit Shares

To transfer your shares from KCC to KFHtrade, Please fill in these 2 forms and sign. Attach the original stock certificates and a copy of your Civil ID.

Request to Issue Share

To transfer your shares from KFHtrade to KCC, Please fill in the form and sign it.


Information Change Request

To change your account information, Please fill in this form and sign it.

Internal Power of Attorney

You can grant any person a power of attorney internally for KFHtrade account only by filling this form, sign it from both parties and send it to us.

Account opening form on behalf of other party

This form is to be filled to open an account on behalf of the other party.

Fees & Commission Appendix

This document allows the customer to know about KFHTrade service fees and commission.

Islamic stock list.

You can check the list of Islamic stocks.

KYC,FATCA & CRS - Individual


KFHtrade Opening Account Form - Individual

Civil ID Copy.

CRS Self-Certification Instructions
Guidance instructions of CRS self-certification to implement the requirements of the international agreements for exchanging tax information.
- Indvidual.
- Entity.
- Controlling Person.
General Terms & Conditions for "KFHtrade"

Read This Form to be aware of the trading service agreement for "KFHtrade".

CRS - Individual

Individual Tax Residency Self-Certification Form

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